Following implementation of the Birthrate Plus Acuity Tool for Labour Wards across all four sites , I would like to praise the app and it’s creators for it’s simplicity, user-friendliness and assistance in offering a snapshot of workload and acuity to all levels of leaders.

Maternity is a complex and dynamic service, with conditions that can change very quickly. To respond and act appropriately to this, we need tools such as this to present the situation as concisely and accurately as possible. The Birthrate Plus tool allows Labour Ward Coordinators to present their activity and challenges in real time, whilst providing an easy to use audit tool for senior managers. Alongside clinical and management actions, this allows us to better meet the needs of our service, and crucially our service users.

The Birthrate Plus Team have been instrumental in offering support and training to the team, to ease the implementation. We have also been offered weekly reports to continue to embed the app and respond to any issues to have arisen in the initial roll-out.

Overall, the Birthrate Plus Tool has now become an integral part of our activity planning pathway and we look forward to also implementing the ward tool very soon