We support safe staffing in the maternity workforce

Your Maternity Service has chosen to use the Birthrate Plus® Acuity App consisting of 2 x individual acuity tools for Intrapartum Services and the Ante and/or Postnatal Maternity Ward(s).

The Tools enable you to match the staffing to the workload in real time and monitor your Escalation Policy.

Accurate data entries at the correct times = Robust evidence to manage risk, view trends and provide safe staffing

The video tutorials will guide you through:

  • The methodology
  • How to use the tools to see the workload in real time
  • How the tools will collect and collate data to show trends in staffing and workload

Select the tutorial group relevant to you:

The video will stream at a rate determined by your device and bandwidth, to improve or reduce the quality manually hover over the video while playing and select the gear icon, here you can choose the stream quality.

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