A New Version Of The Intrapartum Acuity Tool

With excellent contribution from some of our experienced users, we have made significant improvements to the I/P Acuity Tool to give more detailed analyses of the results obtained from the simple data entry on a 2 or 4 hourly bases throughout the 24 hours. We have also increased the number of red flags to choose from for easy capture. The information, presented in tables and graphs, will enable you to know the cause of having too few midwives for the acuity and what action(s) were taken to resolve the situation. Also the data will highlight if there are certain periods in the day/night and days of the week when the acuity is often above the available number of midwives. A ‘traffic light’ system will notify your Escalation Policy. The tool will provide a report over 3 months which can be used to compliment a regular workforce review.

For more information, please contact Marie Washbrook.

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  1. can i please be sent an example of the new BR+ acuity tool or advice on how to check if we are using the correct version in our trust.

    1. Hi Jackie ….many thanks for your message and and we will contact you again shortly regarding your query. It may be that we need to follow up with you regarding your current version so that we can advise – we will be in touch. In the meantime if you could advise which maternity service/Trust you work in this would be most helpful. You can use my email address given below if this is more convenient.

      Kind regards
      [email protected]

      Shirley Carlton

    2. Hi Jackie … just getting back to you as promised. I’ve spoken with Marie and understand you have neem ion touch with each other and she has responded to you. So no need for you to respond to my query re your Trust, etc.

      Kind regards

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