Birthrate Plus ® Supporting safe staffing in the maternity workforce

Endorsed by National Institute for Health and Care Excellence 2016

Birthrate Plus® workforce planning and real time staffing acuity tools use validated methodology to support the delivery of safer maternity care as required by the CNST Maternity Incentive Scheme

The effective use of resources is fundamental to enable health care providers to deliver and sustain high quality services for people (CQC)

The Birthrate Plus® workforce planning calculation determines the required total midwifery workforce establishment for all hospital and community services, whilst the Acuity App assesses real time staffing based on the clinical needs of women and babies for intrapartum and ward areas. Together they support the provision of safe and effective care which is both sensitive and responsive to changes in acuity and workforce.

Birthrate Plus® is the only midwifery-specific, national tool that gives the intelligence and insights needed to be able to model midwifery numbers, skill mix and deployment and to inform decision making about safe and sustainable services. Birthrate Plus® is based on staffing and clinical data that has been collected over many years.

Active licenses of the Birthrate Plus® App to date

Workforce projects completed in the last 2 years

The Birthrate Plus® Tool is totally unique and independent

From 2001 onwards, Birthrate Plus® has been used in all maternity services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and also in Southern Ireland and Australia

The Birthrate Plus® Intrapartum Classification System was first reported at the Research and Midwifery conference 1988

Workforce Planning

How we turn your data into midwifery numbers using Birthrate Plus® methodolgy

Intrapartum and ward acuity tools

Using the Birthrate Plus® classification system to assess current workload and staffing needs

Birthrate plus is the only midwifery specific tool that has given me the insight and data to model midwifery numbers and skill mix to inform my decision making ensuring that the service is safe and sustainable

Guiseppe Labriola, Director of Midwifery

To ensure that maternity services provide safe, effective, and responsive care to women, service leaders need to understand the clinical needs of the women receiving care – and this is where Birthrate Plus® can help.